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Marc KD
The Music (medley)

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Hi. I’m Marc KD and I make music.
I’ve just released my solo debut album
“The Music” and if you’d like to go on a
journey through an eclectic universe
where the music takes over, you should
go get your own copy. I’m sure you’ll
like it. :)

By music lovers and for music lovers.

“The Music” contains 14 timeless tracks,
which I’ve created in collaboration with
some of Denmark's most talented musicians.  
The album has a funky-feel-good-vibe and
themes that most people can relate to. All
in all, great music made by music lovers
- for music lovers.

Experimenting with genres
When it comes to making music, I don’t believe in sticking to any particular style or genre – to me, it’s all about whether the music is good or not. In the end, I make the kind of music that sounds good to me and what I’d like to listen to myself. I love to experiment with genres and I consider my style to be a funky flavoured urban mix of Pop, Electro and R&B.

On stage
I’m very passionate about my music and I like being involved in all aspects of it. When I’m on stage or in the studio, that’s when I feel at home. Music is my element and I love to be able to share this passion for music with people around me. I really enjoy entertaining and performing. Playing and singing my music live in front of an audience, is one of my ultimate highs, and I‘m truly grateful for all the love and support I get.

Top 10 chart rankings
Although “The Music” is my solo debut album, I am no stranger to music. As a solo artist as well as in previous group constellations, I’ve done numerous shows. I am a former member of Danish hip hop groups “NoCanDo” and “KBH Kartel”, and I’ve had several national and international Top 10 chart rankings.

How it all began
As for my story, it’s safe to say, that I am not your typical singer/songwriter.  I started out in my late teens as a rapper in the underground Hip Hop-scene in Copenhagen, Denmark. Somewhere along the way I got into singing, and today I do both. Being a self-taught musician I also produce my music as well as write my own lyrics. My primary strengths do however lie in my characteristic and powerful voice and my unique vocal style.

Much more to come
I hope you’ll take the time to listen to some of my music. All tracks are available on iTunes here and if you’d like to experience one of my live performances, check out my tour list above. I promise that you will hear a lot more from and about me in the days to come. Amongst other things, my new single will be hitting the radios these days. Like my page on facebook here, to stay tuned.


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